Wear it for YOU!

The Story of Liviya

Liviya has been created by Clothing Designer, Michelle Rumbelow. She wanted to create a range of underwear, sleepwear and leisurewear that is as versatile and adaptable as women are today. This is a very personal range of clothing reflecting Michelle’s own personal journey.

The brand name, Liviya (“Lioness”), is symbolic of how women should feel when wearing the clothing. A lioness is African - strong, powerful and beautiful. She is also a loving mother and provider. As women, we must be proud of who we are, proud of the physical scars we carry that reflect our strength and our journey.

Learning to love ourselves is one of the greatest challenges of women of our time. Her desire is to help women achieve this by wearing clothing that is flattering and comfortable, sexy AND functional. Liviya blurs the lines between underwear, sleepwear and leisurewear. Wear it for YOU!


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